Forklift Training Perth

Forklift Training Perth

Forklift Training Perth

The Forklift Training Perth website was created to inform people and simplify the confusion that surrounds High-Risk Licensing in relation to forklifts.

Rulings by the Australian Compensation Council in 2006 made it compulsory for all operators to undergo 5 yearly assessments to maintain their entitlement to perform high risk work. For some this poses a real challenge as it may have been many years since they attended formal schooling. However, there are training organisations such as Safelift Consultancy in Perth (who have kindly sponsored this website) that are dedicated to making it as easy as possible for you to comply with these laws.

Why Forklift Training Perth Is Needed

Markus Leone, proprietor and trainer at Safelift Consultancy explains …

” A high-risk work license is one that covers operators in various skill groups. These include craneage, rigging, scaffolding and the load shifting category which includes forklifts. So all these subjects collected under a single category referred to as high-risk work.

” When dealing with forklifts, there are two styles that require licensing.  There is the forklift LF, which is one that you sit on, and the forklift LO which is one you wear a harness and lanyard and the operator travels up and down with the carriage to obtain goods from high shelving.

” Since the new rulings came into force it’s now a national requirement that anyone operating the pieces of machinery I just mentioned must have a license to perform high-risk work. It’s an actual card with your picture on it that stipulates those wordings and the classification of forklift you’re licensed to operate.

” Virtually every industry and business these days that has a high storage volume requirement with high wracks or high-storage shelving. To put goods in the wracking, a forklift is used. So, that’s why the licensing requirement is probably in great need at the moment. Higher numbers of people want their tickets to get jobs or improve themselves for better jobs. It’s a quagmire out there in regards to what you need. You’ve got to contact an appropriate training provider to get some details or you can contact WorkSafe.

” WorkSafe can give you a list of providers to contact. If you use the web you will come up with a variety of training providers that can offer you the training. Nowadays you’re best off searching for something like “high risk work licensing”.  All providers must under national law use those words in the description of their trainings. In days gone by the word “ticket” was often used but that terminology is not longer current.”

How Else Can We Help You?

Regulations do change occasionly so if you find any errors on Forklift Training Perth or come looking for information you wish was here please contact us. We want to make Forklift Training Perth the best resource it can be for forklift operators in Perth and throughout Australia.