One Day Forklift Ticket Perth

One Day Forklift Ticket Perth

Forklift Ticket Perth

Markus Leone, director of The Training Hub in Port Kennedy explains how to get a One-Day Forklift Ticket in Perth.

“I get a lot of people who ask me for a one-day forklift ticket. It can be done under special circumstances which I will explain in a moment …

Forklift Training Regulations

There was an introduction of a national standard for licensing persons performing high-risk that came into force from the Commonwealth government back in April of 2006 and then in implemented across Australia in 2007. Every training provider in Australia now has to train in accordance with that standard and they have to use the qualifications out of specific training packages that cover the forklift requirements.

More Knowledge To Learn

Before then the ability to attend a one-day forklift ticket Perth was still available because the amount of information wasn’t as much or complex as it is now. The amount of theory that people now need to know cannot be learned in a single day on top of teaching them how to drive the forklift.

We get people off the street who have had no idea and it’s physically impossible teach the average person from scratch, with no prior knowledge, how to obtain their forklift ticket via theory and practical assessment.

Now, there might be those who have operated a machine for years under an old ticket but don’t have their high-risk work license. They might come in and say, “Oh, I can drive a machine. I just need to learn my theory,” but they still cannot do it in one day. The average course now with most training providers I consult with is a minimum of 2 to 3 days. That’s just for a standard LF and LO forklift course.

Forklift Ticket Perth Pre-Study

Because I have my own training site, what I’ve done is develop a method of self-theory learning. You can spend your own time leaning the theory which reduces the end cost to one day.

You will have to complete an assignment, a pre-course study pack and present yourself at the arranged time. We will have a look at your study to make sure you understood it. If you have prior experience on the machine with evidence, then we can most likely get you done in one day. If you’ve got no prior experience, even with the course study packs, you’d still be up for a two-day course.

This must be discussed when enquiring or booking to determine if you are entitled to a 1-day assessment with pre-study. The evidence criteria that have to be provided are testimonials, log books, references, photographs, videos, or any form of evidence that can prove that you’ve got 20+ hours of operating the machinery. I can then take that into account knowing you have the appropriate skills.

With the pre-course study done you can then present yourself for what we call a “Recognition of Prior Learning” assessment. If you cannot present the evidence, then you will be given the option of doing a two-day course.

Enquire about your eligibility for a one-day forklift ticket Perth.