Forklift Licence Perth Advice

Forklift Licence Perth Advice

Forklift Licence Perth

In 2006 the Australian Compensation Council created new laws making it compulsory for operators to get a forklift licence Perth and throughout Australia. This licensing covers high risk work in a variety of skill areas. These include load shifting operations as is done with forklifts. Other types of work that fall under High-Risk Licensing include crane work, rigging, scaffolding and so on. Each has its own licensing scheme.

Licence Characteristics

Operators who get their forklift licence Perth will receive a laminated license like in the banner above. It must have a passport style photo on it that identifies as the holder as someone qualified to work on a forklift under the law.

There are different licensing requirements for the different types of forklifts. The type of forklift permitted will be shown on the license. The usage of LO and LF forklifts is fundamentally different  so these licenses do not translate to one another. This means you cannot use a license for an LO forklift to operate an LF forklift, and vice versa. Operators seeking forklift training must be assessed for the specific type of forklift they wish to operate.

Is A Current Licence Required To Get Employment?

Many employers have connections with training providers which makes sense since operators must be regularly assessed. If you have a license that pre dates 2006 or have experience driving a forklift truck you may be able to land a job first. Your employer can then arrange for you to do a refresher course. This may be preferable for some companies as experienced operators can save businesses money. Be willing to negotiate and sell your expertise!

New starters might have to begin in a related job. Bosses will reward enthusiastic staff and you might be able to get trained at company expense. Otherwise, to boost your job prospects look for RTO’s that offer LO and LF forklift training.

A forklift licence Perth provider that offers evening and weekend courses is Safelift Consultancy.

Approved Forklift Licence Perth Training

Don’t settle for any type of training. To be a safe operator, the instruction that allows drivers to get their licences should be realistic enough to provide experiences like they would face on the job. Forklift training in an environment similar to the workplace in which trainees will be operating their forklifts is preferred. A live warehouse, set up complete with shelving and loads that the forklift operators can practice moving is ideal. The closer training is to real life, the more effective it will be. Beware of “tick and flick” assessors.

Getting a forklift license opens many doors to employees who choose this path. The law requires that anybody seeking to drive a forklift be 18 years of age or older. For individuals making their first foray into the job market, getting forklift training can be a valuable skill to have. Operators who need to brush up on their skills can improve their job prospects by completing forklift refresher training.

Forklift Licence Perth Courses

Courses for forklift licenses in Perth are available at the Training Hub in Port Kennedy. This is a dedicated training warehouse that offers both LO and LF tickets.